Christians have worked for hundreds of years to free slaves and end slavery. It’s nearly 200 years since Parliament passed William Wilberforce’s Slavery Abolition Act and yet there are still slaves working here in the UK.

Premier welcomes the Modern Slavery Bill, a cross-party initiative currently going through Parliament, but is calling on the government to ensure that the Modern Slavery Bill will create a legislative framework to outlaw slavery in the UK.


We will be sending the petition to the Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP. It will highlight the pressing need for the Bill to ensure:

  • The installation of a strong Independent Commissioner.
  • A focus on victim support.
  • Legislation against supply chains.

Find out more about the petition.




We spoke with Labour MP the Right Honourable Frank Field - vice-chair of the Human Trafficking Foundation, about the universal issues of modern slavery - the second most profitable illegal business in the world.

He spoke about how much influence churches have today, to potentially encourage positive political change. In similar efforts to abolish the slave trade by William Wilberforce in the 1800s, Frank Field is calling for positive amendments to the new Anti-slavery Bill.

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